Golden Visa

This is a permanent residence permit and a requirement for non European foreigners investing in Portugal.

The Golden Visa confers the right to a permanent residence permit in Portugal and further request for nationality. It also gives the bearer the right to move freely among the countries of the Schengen Area and does not require to reside in Portugal.

The bearer of the residence permit for investment activity has the right to bring his or her family (for family reunification) and all of them have access to permanent residence permits and Portuguese nationality.
To obtain the residence permit, you will have to:
acquire in Portugal property worth €500,000 or more
create at least ten jobs
transfer capital of at least €1.000,000 to a recognized financial institution in Portugal.

Your investment activity must be maintained for five years from the date of authorization of residence. Nationality will be granted in the sixth year.
You must stay in Portugal for at least 7 days in the first year and 14 days in subsequent two-year periods.

This residence permit is extremely advantageous for non European investors thanks to all the benefits it offers.

Non habitual resident (RRNH)

The RRNH is applicable to an individual who qualifies as resident in Portugal and has not paid taxes for the past five years.