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“With knowledge of Portugal you can be ahead of time in your investments”

Portugal, the best well kept secret of Europe

A new market cycle attracts a wider range of operators.


The main Portuguese cities are gaining notorious international reputation.
They are becoming the focus of foreigner attraction in the country.


Portuguese Real Estate assumes a prominent position capturing not only investors in the pursuit of higher returns through existing operating assets, as an alternative to other investment types, but also attracting different type of investors.

Carvalho & Ramilo

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Why Carvalho & Ramilo?
Carvalho & Ramilo set up at the beginning of the eighties was designed to provide consultancy in investment, tax and accounting services. Presently, C&R is also involved in real estate brokerage.
Our company has a wide international experience in advising and working with clients to enable them to implement their investment projects in Portugal.
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Areas of activity
Investment Consultancy And Real Estate Brokerage
Tax and Accounting Consultancy
Taking up residence in Portugal
Seminars and Road shows
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Why Portugal?
Free access to the markets of the European Union.Cutting through red tape in the tax system.More flexible labour laws.
Tax incentives for investors.
Wealth, inheritance and gifts tax exemption for foreigners.
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Investing and Living in Portugal
Portugal with its emerging business opportunities is, presently, one of the best places in Europe to invest. The property market is an example of this, with the sale price of property and companies currently showing a reduction of 30% to 50%.
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Our Seminars
Portugal: your Premium investment and top Tax choicePortugal as a Hub for investmentInvestment opportunities in Portugal
Obtaining automatic residence (Golden Visa; Regime for non habitual residents (RRNH))
Tax benefits and incentives for foreign investment in Portugal
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