How do I become a Portuguese resident if I am not a European citizen?

The quickest way is by investing in Portugal and obtaining a Golden Visa.

What is a Golden Visa, and how does it work?

It is automatic entitlement to residency for non-European citizens.

Requirements and obligations:

One family member must invest in Portugal € 500,000 in real estate for a period of at least 5 years, or
Transfer of capital in the minimum amount of € 1,000,000, or
Create ten jobs.
Stay in Portugal at least seven days/year for the further five years
Renewal of residence card every two years.


Automatic residence for you and members of your direct family (family reunification).
Free access to the Schengen zone.
Freedom to exercise your profession or do business in Portugal.
Access to the Portuguese health system and education system.
Access to the Portuguese justice system.
Exemption from inheritance tax, wealth and gift taxes.
Acquisition of permanent residence permit after five years, with no need to renew after that.
Possibility of getting Portuguese nationality for yourself and members of your direct family.

Non habitual residents (RRNH)

What are they:
They are people who have not been tax resident in Portugal for the past five years.
This system applies for ten years.

Requirements and obligations:
To live more than 183 days in Portugal either consecutively or non-sequentially, and to have a residence here with your direct family on 31st December of each year.

Tax exemption on retirement pension and on income from dividends.
Any other income will be taxed at 20%.
Tax exemption from inheritance, wealth and gift taxes.

Main taxes to be paid in Portugal when you buy property

Municipal tax on property transactions from 0% to 6.5% (on the act of purchase).
Municipal property tax – annual payment between 0.3% and 0.8%
Corporation tax 23%, expected to fall to 19% in the coming years.

Capital profits tax on property:
If it is their own permanent residence, individuals residents are exempted of capital profit tax. They have however, to re-invest the capital profit, within a established period o time, for the purchase of their own permanent residence either in Portugal or any other European country.

Why is Portugal regarded as a premium investment area?

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